The story starts as this up incoming group of adventures journey from the town Readan to the village of Dragon keeping. At this time the party has their own motivations, and nothing but the common goal of treasure and adventure to bind them together.

They have herd that many great adventures have come from this village but as of late there has been no caravans no great tails or adventures, no ancient artifact of unlimited power have come from the village of dragon keeping. In fact not very many new stories are herd from any bard. It’s as if the great heroes and villains have disappeared from the land.

So being the adventures I know you are, now is your chance to make a name for your selves.

Caricature requirements
1. 1st level D&D 3.5 players handbook
2. Roll stats 6×6 chart 4d6 reroll 1’s take best 3 take best line adjust stats for age, race.
3. Must have back-story including the following details
A) 2 fears, 3 desires
B) 3 top dislikes
C) 3 top likes, 1 hatred,
D) Best feature or personality trait, worst feature or personality trait
E) Worst life event, best life event.
4. Race – Players handbook
5. Any alignment
6. gold 1st level max ,HP max at first
7. Make a caricature you can roll play and have fun with
8. Have a completed caricature sheet ASAP for DM review, be creative and have fun!
9. AS the DM says often…..“Be Prepared”

The Circles End

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